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We collect.  We store.  We return.


1. You book...

How much you want to store.

On any device in a matter of minutes.


2. We collect...

From your current uni address.

Including London Uni accommodation.


3. We store...

In our secure storage facility.

For as long as you need.


4. We return...

Back to your (new) uni address.

Price is included in the storage cost.

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Booking storage for students in London is easy!


At student storage London we only do storage for students. We totally understand the ins and outs of storing students’ belongings over the holidays.  We also understand ​that sorting out transport and help to take boxes to a self storage place is a lot of hassle, as is getting boxes and bags to store things in.

Student Storage Experts takes all that hassle away.  We deliver flat-packed cardboard boxes and packing materials to your door, collect your belongings when you’re ready, store them in a secure location and deliver them back to you ​when you want them to wherever you want them – even to a new address. ​

Our price includes boxes, packing material, collection and delivery

You can work out exactly how much your storage will cost in less than 2 minutes.  You won’t have to read any fine print or do extra calculations to add on collection and delivery costs and packing materials.  Simply click on the book London student storage button to get started.

All you need to do is enter how many boxes and other items you need to store, your address(es) and the required dates.  Our system will work out the length of time and the total cost.  If you’re happy, all you need to do is complete the booking! There is no working out how much packing materials you need – we do that for you and it’s included in the price.

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If you need a bespoke quote or have any questions then please call or email us and we will be happy to assist. We provide student storage for universities across London.

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Why London students choose us


Our storage facility in London is totally secure with CCTV, fire alarms and intruder alarms throughout to keep your belongings safe.  Our storage price also includes insurance and is student-friendly – you pay per item.

You will only pay one upfront cost with no hidden payments.

  • Our prices are transparent and fair
  • We will deliver back to a different address if that’s what you need, even overseas if you get in touch with us
  • We can store more than just boxes
  • Our boxes come with packing materials and security tape
  • You don’t HAVE to use our boxes – you can only use your own
  • You can store just one item
  • We remove the hassle.



I used Student Storage Experts last summer. I like the fact that you only get one price and don’t have to add extra things like packing materials on at the end, which can be misleading. 


London Metropolitan, 2020

I used the packing service because of covid and it was really smooth. My things were packed up neat and arrived back to my parents house.


South Bank London, 2020

The whole student storage process was really easy and not confusing like some of the other companies i got quotes from. Everything worked on time with no problem. I will use them every year now.


University of London, 2019

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We are student storage experts


Your student storage needs at universities across London have been made easy with our amazing rates and service.  We collect from and deliver to all university halls in London (as well as private rented accommodation) and have a good working relationship with the front of house staff.

We offer secure student storage with transparent costs when you need.  We will not add any hidden charges or tie you into a contract.  Our aim is to offer the simplest and easiest student storage booking process in London to take the hassle out of storing your ‘stuff’.

You will only pay one upfront cost with no hidden payments.

We’ll collect your items, store them safely for a minimum of four weeks in our secure London facility, and return them when you need them.  If you’re moving to new accommodation, we take care of that when you book.  We’ll send out as many cardboard storage boxes as you need and you can add on things like suitcases and sports equipment.

The Student Storage Experts‘ easy, no hassle, London student storage solution for your end of term (and start of the new term)!

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Our storage boxes


Our student storage boxes come in two sizes and you can order as many as you like (or none at all and use your own).  We find that on average students order and store 3 big boxes, 2 small boxes and a suitcase.  That’s just a guide as everyone’s different and has different requirements.  Either way don’t worry about ordering too many boxes and having to pay for them.

If you find you’ve ordered more than you need, we’ll take them back when we collect your belongings and refund you their storage cost.  Win win.

Our small boxes measure 45.7 x 30.5 x 30.5 cm.  We suggest they are used for books and smaller, heavier items.  Our big boxes measure 45.7 x 45.7 x 45.7 cm.  We suggest they are used for larger, lighter items like duvets, pillows and towels. 

All our boxes come with 5m of bubble wrap, 66m of tape and tamper proof labels for peace of mind.  The maximum weight is 25kg.

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A few frequently asked questions

How can I pay for my storage?

We make it as easy as possible for you to pay.  We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express through our secure online booking system.  In addition, we also accept payment via a BACS transfer.

Can I use my own suitcases or bags?

Yes, all suitcases and bags should have attached handles with fully operating zips or fasteners and when packed should not weigh more than 25kg.

Can I use different addresses?

Yes, just specify the addresses when arranging making your booking.  If things change then just let us know.  Costs may be incurred if the new address is not in the original town or city post code area.

What can I store with you?



Just about anything that can be stored in a box providing it is a non-liquid, non-edible, non-biodegradable and safe and legal.  We have a list of specific items that can be stored and you can request a quote for other items that are not shown.  See our Terms and Conditions for a full breakdown.



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Secure student storage with the easiest booking process.

We collect. We store. We return.


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