Moving student house checklist

Your essential moving student house checklist for a stress-free move

Moving homes can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to handle, from packing up your belongings to transportation. But that’s not all. You must also manage bills, update your address with important companies, and ensure you get your deposit back. It’s easy to feel lost in all the chaos.

Luckily, we’re here to make things simpler for you. We’ve created a straightforward checklist (you can download it here) that covers all the essential tasks you need to do when moving out. Say goodbye to the stress and hello to a more straightforward moving process.

Planning your move: A comprehensive student moving house checklist

Moving house is like solving a giant puzzle; each piece must fit perfectly for the big picture to come together. And when you’re juggling studies and exams, the last thing you want is added stress from your move.

Cue our hero of the hour: A robust moving house checklist. Imagine slicing through packing confusion with ninja-like precision or waving goodbye to overlooked utility bills.

This isn’t just any list; it’s your golden ticket to shifting homes sans meltdown. Let’s get going.


17 things to think about when you’re a student moving house in 2024


1. Confirming Move-out dates with your landlord or estate agent

You’ve probably got your moving date circled in red on your calendar. But remember to sync this up with your landlord or estate agent.

This chat ensures no crossed wires and gives peace of mind that you won’t be sofa surfing because someone forgot to pencil in the dates.

Talking early also lets them prepare for any inspections needed, so there are no surprises for either party on moving day.

To make things easier, schedule the check-out for the end of the day to give you more time to finish any last-minute tasks on move-out day.

It’s always a good idea to start packing and moving early. Moving always takes longer than expected, so only leave some things for the last day if possible.


2. Choosing the right mode of transport for your belongings

If it’s just books and clothes, packing them into suitcases might do the trick. However, if you’ve amassed more stuff than expected (which, let’s face it, always happens), hiring someone with a van could save you multiple trips by car.

Choosing between personal transport or professional movers boils down to budget versus convenience; weighing these options can lead to financial and time savings.

Suppose there’s a time gap, like the summer holidays, between leaving one place and moving into another. Consider using a storage option. Student Storage Experts provides storage, packing and storage and packing shipping services to cover any eventuality.

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3. The importance of cancelling bills and taking final meter readings


Those final meter readings? They’re not just numbers; they’re tickets out of here without extra charges hanging over your head like unwanted cobwebs from last Halloween’s decorations.

Moving out can be a hassle, and cancelling bills seems as dull as watching paint dry, but forget this step at your peril. Cancelling bills is a necessary task that should not be overlooked.

First, contact the companies you’ve been paying bills to and inform them of your move. Start with your gas and electricity suppliers unless your landlord handles those bills.

Remember to notify the council about your new address, even if you were exempt from paying council tax.

If you had a TV licence this year, inform TV licensing that you’ll no longer need it. You might even be eligible for a partial refund if you paid for the whole year but didn’t use it for the entire period.

Before you leave, take final meter readings for your energy providers. This ensures you’re not charged for any energy consumed after moving out.

Share the meter readings with your energy suppliers so they can calculate your final bill. It’s a good idea to record the readings, like a photo on your phone, in case any issues arise when receiving and paying the final bill.

Key Takeaway: 

Chat with your landlord early to dodge any move-out mishaps, and weigh transport options—book a van if your haul’s hefty. Don’t delay cancelling bills; those final readings are your escape from sneaky extra charges.


4. Packing everything up

Moving house can be time-consuming, especially when it comes to packing. Please don’t underestimate the amount of time it takes! If you’re using a taxi, bus, or train for your move, pack as much as possible into suitcases to make it more convenient to transport your belongings.

Try packing each bag with a specific theme to make the unpacking process faster. For example, keep kitchenware together in one suitcase and bedroom decorations in another. Remember to label each bag with stickers to identify what’s inside easily.

Don’t worry about buying expensive bubble wrap for fragile items. You can use free newspapers instead. You can usually find them in train stations, so they’re a cost-effective option.

If you need cardboard boxes, you can get them for free from your local supermarket. Ask if they have any free boxes that you could take. They might have some lying around that are no longer needed, and it would prevent them from going to waste.

Alternatively, Student Storage Experts can provide cardboard moving boxes and bubble wrap.

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5. Keep an overnight bag separate

When packing, set aside a bag with all the essentials you’ll need for your first night in your new home. You won’t have the energy or time to unpack everything immediately, so having quick and easy access to toiletries, pyjamas, and fresh clothes for the next day will make a huge difference.


6. Check every drawer cupboard and wardrobe

Don’t miss a single cupboard or drawer when you move house. This way, you won’t misplace anything important later on.

You might uncover cutlery, headphones, stationery, or other small items that are easily overlooked but incredibly handy. You’ll have to repurchase them if you lose them during the move. Save yourself the expense by being diligent and double-checking everything before you go.


7. Clean, clean clean!

Want your full tenancy deposit back? Here’s the deal: you have to leave the house in the same state it was when you first moved in.

Landlords can’t force you to hire professional cleaners before you move out (if they try, contact Citizens Advice – it might be an illegal request that you shouldn’t have to spend money on.) 

Here’s the deal: clean the place just as when you arrived, minus normal wear and tear. If it was professionally cleaned before, you’ll need to clean it up to a high standard or hire pros.

If you clean these spots well, you’ll be on your way to getting that deposit back.


8. Report damages or repairs needed

Get ready for your move by addressing any repair needs in your new home. Let your landlord know about these issues in advance so they have time to fix them before you move in.

If the repairs are due to normal wear and tear and you’ve given your landlord reasonable notice, you shouldn’t be charged. Familiarise yourself with your tenancy rights to protect yourself.

Consider emailing your landlord clear pictures of the damages caused by wear and tear. Having a written record can be helpful if any disputes arise after you’ve moved out.

Remember, minor repairs like changing lightbulbs are typically your responsibility as the tenant. Remember to replace any burnt-out bulbs.

Remember that if you intentionally or neglectfully damage anything, the landlord may use your deposit to cover the cost of repairs or replacements. You can offer to fix the damages yourself to have more control over the expenses.

Lastly, if your landlord needs to replace something, they shouldn’t charge you more than the actual cost of that item. They can’t make you pay for an expensive replacement if the original was inexpensive.

Note: For more advice on handling potential issues with damage charges when moving out of rented property as a student, check out Citizens Advice. The Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) guidance is also helpful in understanding your rights and responsibilities in these situations.

Here are some tips from Money Advice Service about fully getting your tenancy deposit back. Happy Moving.

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9. Take photos to avoid disputes

Take as many photos as possible before moving out for a better outcome.

Make sure to document everything when you first move in. This way, you can easily compare the condition and cleanliness of the property.

Plenty of photo evidence will significantly strengthen your case if you need to dispute any unjustified deductions from your deposit.

Capture the moment and protect your rights!



10. Forwarding address and mail redirections

To ensure you receive essential mail like bank account details or national insurance updates after moving out, consider setting up mail redirections through Royal Mail. This small action can make a big difference.



11. Move into the new house

Congratulations! You’re finally at the stage to move your belongings into your new home. We understand that you may need to make a few trips back and forth to transport everything, but don’t worry; the end of the moving process is almost here. 

If you use a service like Student Storage Experts, we’ll deliver all your boxes and bags to your new place for you.



12. Return all the keys for your old place

Once you’ve settled into your new home and thoroughly cleaned the old one, it’s time to return the keys. This includes all tenant keys and extras, such as mailbox or energy meter keys.

It’s important to ensure you won’t need to enter the property again, so take your time with this step.

If your landlord has provided specific instructions for leaving the property, double-check them now.

For example, they may want you to leave the fridge at a low temperature or take photos of specific areas, like the clean oven.

This is the perfect opportunity to take care of these tasks. Once they’re done, you can have peace of mind knowing everything required before you leave has been completed.


13. Securing storage solutions

One of the main issues when relocating is deciding where to keep your possessions, particularly in those troublesome inter-term gaps. Fear not. A self-storage unit could be just what you need.

Consider student storage between term times

Self-storage offers an easy and affordable way to store your items without crowding a friend’s garage. You get a safe space for all your belongings without breaking the bank or cramming everything into your mate’s garage.

Like Student Storage Experts, a student storage service can be a game-changer. They offer secure storage options in the Midlands (Coventry, Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham and Warwick) tailored to student needs and handle packing and overseas shipping if required. Plus they do door to door services so all you need to do is pack and then unpack when your stuff gets delivered to your new place. You don’t have to worry about hiring or borrowing transport, or self storage options.

What is the cost? It’s less scary than it sounds. For instance, with some providers offering plans as affordable as £1 per box per week, it doesn’t have to drain your wallet.

Besides saving money (always welcome), using such services can also save you loads of stress. There’s no fretting over misplaced items or worrying about them getting damaged while stashed away at random places – everything is taken care of professionally.


14. Managing subscriptions and services

Moving out involves more than just packing your belongings. It would help if you remembered cancelling or transferring subscriptions and services.

Cancelling your TV licence

If you’re moving home, let the TV licensing company know as soon as possible to help avoid paying for a licence you no longer need.

Similarly, cancelling any unnecessary magazine or online streaming subscriptions can save money, too. Most of these services have simple cancellation processes on their websites.


Taking care of mobile phone contracts

Your mobile phone contract is another crucial service that needs attention when moving out. It might be necessary to update your address details with your provider so they know where to send future bills or correspondence.

You may even want to consider if changing providers could save space in your budget – some companies offer student discount cards, which could make a big difference over time.

Broadband considerations

A quick word about broadband: remember this one. If you’ve set up an internet service at your current place, remember that contracts often run annually, so check if yours is due for renewal around the time of move-out day.

Managing subscriptions and services should be included in every ultimate student moving checklist.


15. Your personal belongings’ journey: shipping services

If taking everything with you isn’t an option, or you live overseas, shipping services come in handy.

Send My BagSeven Seas Worldwide, or even our Student Storage Experts offer great student deals.



16. Organising important documents

Moving out can feel like a whirlwind, but let’s remember your essential documents.

Keeping your valuables safe

Your bank account details and insurance documents are precious cargo during moving. These aren’t just pieces of paper; they’re gateways to your financial life.

You might be wondering how best to protect these valuable items. Consider storing them digitally on an external hard drive or secure cloud storage service. You’ll get peace of mind knowing they’re safe from physical damage or loss.

Remember, though, that safeguarding valuables isn’t only about paperwork. We all know losing our laptops would be more than just an inconvenience. It’s always a good idea to back up important files on an external hard drive before moving day arrives – better safe than sorry.

Last but not least: student discount cards. Yes, even those count as valuable possessions when considering ways to save money during or after university.


Moving out? Don’t forget to secure your important docs. Back ’em up digitally and keep ’em tidy in a sturdy file organiser. Remember, even student discount cards are valuable – safeguard all you’ve got for smooth sailing post-uni life. #StudentMoveTips Click to Tweet


17. Managing finances during your move

Moving can be a frenetic experience, but monitoring your financial situation is essential. It’s all about making smart choices and taking the right steps.

Student Contents Insurance

You first need to get contents insurance to help protect your belongings during the move.

It may not be essential, but insurance could be a real money-saver in the long run.

Compare home insurance quotes, and remember our key stat: The average cost of student contents insurance is £74 per year (gocompare) – quite affordable for peace of mind.

Cancelling bills also plays a significant role in managing finances while moving out as a student.

If you’re no longer residing at your prior address, why should you be paying for utilities there? Cancel them ASAP.

Paying Council Tax

This one might surprise some students. If everyone in your house is a full-time student, then guess what? You’re exempt from paying council tax.

To ensure this benefit, request a certificate from the university proving full-time status and submit it promptly once moved into the new place. Save that cash.





And there you have it! You’ve gone through the ultimate student moving out checklist and tips. Every process step is covered, from planning to packing, managing finances, and dealing with energy providers.

Remember that careful organisation is vital. Keep important documents safe and ensure all bills are paid before you move. A stitch in time saves nine!

Saving space while transporting belongings can be a game-changer, too. So consider what’s essential for your new place, but remember those small items like alarm clocks or sewing kits which might come in handy.

Last but not least – leave your old accommodation clean and tidy; respect goes a long way towards ensuring a smooth transition.

Moving house doesn’t need to be stressful if you’re armed with knowledge – this guide will hopefully serve as an invaluable tool on your journey from student life!






FAQs in Relation to Ultimate Student Moving Out Checklist and Tips


What do I need for uni accommodation?
Prioritise essential items like bedding, kitchenware, study materials and personal documents. Also, consider a small toolkit, cleaning supplies and comfort items to make your space feel more homely.
What should I prioritise when moving out?
Create an organised plan well ahead of the move date. Pack systematically room by room, label boxes clearly and manage all administrative tasks such as cancelling subscriptions or transferring utilities early on.
How can I move out as a student?
Create an organised plan well ahead of the move date. Pack systematically room by room, label boxes clearly and manage all administrative tasks such as cancelling subscriptions or transferring utilities early on.
What to do before moving in to a student house?
Beyond packing essentials correctly, inspect the property thoroughly for damages upon arrival and document them if any exist. Get meter readings done immediately after moving in while also ensuring internet connectivity is set up.

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A positive experience during an uncertain time led to me using SSE's service for the next 2 years too.

Overall, SSE's service is economically viable, trustworthy, efficient, and very student friendly, catering to custom requests.

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Really excellent service. Easy to arrange, refund received when I had over estimated the amount of boxes required. Collection and delivery efficient and problem free. Highly recommend

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Excellent service. Brilliant people. Absolutely first-class communications and great value for money.