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How our professional packing, storing and freighting service works


We understand it may not always be convenient or possible to pack yourself and a professional packing service is needed!

Just fill out our online form and we will make all the necessary arrangements for you. We can then arrange to store your belongings or send them back to you!

The freight cost depends on the number of items you have, as well as the weight of the items. We charge £100 to prepare, weigh and measure your items so that your belongings can be shipped and accepted by customs.

With a video call available between you and the Student Storage Experts supervisor who is packing your room, our team will put themselves in your shoes (not literally) and pack to the highest standard.

We can then arrange to store your belongings or send them back to you!

To enquire today and receive your bespoke quote, please click one of the buttons below. You will be asked for the details of your packing requirements along with addresses and dates.

Please fill this in as comprehensively as possible and add as much detail in the comments section as you can.

The collection date should be your preferred date as these dates need to be agreed with your accommodation managers. You will be asked for a return date so please use your best date estimation for your return back to the UK. If the date alters by 7 days either way then we do not charge or refund. If the 7 days is exceeded then we will refund or charge either way.

Please ensure you declare any items that are considered to be valuable. We provide £100 of insurance for each box or piece of luggage stored with us.

You will receive confirmation that the order has been placed and we will contact you with a confirmed packing date once this has been agreed with your accommodation managers.

You will receive an email prior to the packing day to inform you when it will be taking place

If you require a WhatsApp call to identify items in communal areas or for peace of mind then we are happy to call you.

Packing on average takes an hour so we can’t provide this service for the duration but it can be used to ensure the packing of sensitive or valuable items etc.

Once the packing is complete all boxes and luggage will be sealed securely and labelled. You will be sent the details of the packing including the quantities of boxes and luggage that are required to be stored with us or delivered to you.

For peace of mind, we employ staff who are vetted by Leicestershire Police and we will take all the necessary precautions to pack your belongings securely and treat your belongings with care and respect.


We will attach an invoice for the packing & storage period and this has to be paid within 7 days of the notification.

Your items will be stored in a secure commercial storage facility that is staffed 24 hrs and has CCTV.

We return your items to your new address when you go back to University. Please confirm your return date as soon as you know in order that we can return your belongings on your preferred date.

Shipping (international and UK)

We will attach an invoice for the packing service and this has to be paid within 7 days of the notification.

Once we have received this initial payment we will retrieve a quote from either ParcelForce or DHL (Both we have highly discounted rates) to ship your belongings for you to confirm.

Please note when making your booking, we will send you an example price prior to packing, to give you an idea on costs.

We will attach an invoice for the freighting costs and this has to be paid within 7 days of the notification.

Once we have received this we will book your belongings in for collection the next working day!


A few frequently asked questions


If you haven’t yet looked at our FAQs, you might be able to find out what you need to know more quickly than we can reply.  It’s worth a look!
How can I pay for my storage?
We make it as easy as possible for you to pay.  We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express through our secure online booking system.  In addition, we also accept payment via a BACS transfer.
Can I use my own suitcases or bags?
Yes, all suitcases and bags should have attached handles with fully operating zips or fasteners and when packed should not weigh more than 25kg.
What can I store with you?


Just about anything that can be stored in a box providing it is a non-liquid, non-edible, non-biodegradable and safe and legal.  We have a list of specific items that can be stored and you can request a quote for other items that are not shown.  See our Terms and Conditions for a full breakdown.



Can I use different addresses?

Yes, just specify the addresses when arranging making your booking.  If things change then just let us know.  Costs may be incurred if the new address is not in the original town or city post code area.



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Customer Reviews

Student Storage Experts

Customer Reviews

Sanjana 23 Sep 2022

The Highlight is the Customer Service

Excellent service. Website is easy to use with all costs given upfront, and it includes packing material delivered to your address within just a few working days (including tape!). The highlight is their very prompt, friendly and helpful customer service - any queries I had were resolved quickly, and they were able to move up my collection date at request with just two days notice. Would use again and highly recommend.

Iain 17 Sep 2022

Didn't show up, zero contact
Awful experience with this company.

I put a note against my order that collection needed to be before 11am, 11am came and went with no courier and zero contact, repeated phone calls from 10.15am onwards went straight to voicemail, email was also unanswered.

In the end I had to bin the belongings I planned to put in storage and rush for my train. A needlessly stressful experience.

Robert Vivian

16 Nov 2022

We are very sorry that you had a less than satisfactory experience. We did apologise for the lack of contact on the day as there was a technical issue that we were trying to resolve, with our phones. We did contact you to say that we could not meet the 11am deadline and tried to make other arrangements for you to leave your box at reception. As per our T & C's we cannot commit to specific times due to the number of orders we have and the delays often incurred but we do keep our customers informed. We have offered a very generous discount should you wish to use our business again in the future. Again, please accept our apologies and wish you well.

Aryan Jorhi 22 Dec 2022

Your one stop destination for Storage

Student Storage Experts (SSE) has been a firm companion of mine throughout my University years at Loughborough.

My first experience with them was during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic when I had to leave the UK and left the responsibility of my belongings in the hands of SSE. They successfully packed and stored my stuff throughout the lockdown and even delivered it right to my accommodation during the start of my second year at uni.

A positive experience during an uncertain time led to me using SSE's service for the next 2 years too.

Overall, SSE's service is economically viable, trustworthy, efficient, and very student friendly, catering to custom requests.

Very thankful to Rob and his team for the constant support over the past 3 years!

Shaan Okhai 29 Oct 2021

Student Storage Experts

Really helpful, boxes arrived on time and belongings were in great condition

Paul 29 Oct 2021

Excellent service

Excellent service. Brilliant people. Absolutely first-class communications and great value for money.

Shoukry 25/05/21

Extremely understanding and reliable. Recommend for any international students

These guys have been extremely helpful with the whole process of storage and shipping my stuff to my home country. From helping me remove specific stuff from my box through video calls to just generally being very understanding and patient. Even when my stuff got accidentally shipped back to the UK. They helped me straight away with the procedures to get it back home. Definitely recommended!

Mrs Sarah Flack 15/09/21

Really excellent service

Really excellent service. Easy to arrange, refund received when I had over estimated the amount of boxes required. Collection and delivery efficient and problem free. Highly recommend

Reply from Student Storage Experts

17 Sept 2021
Hello Sarah, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We're very happy to hear you're happy with the service and hope to hear from you in the future if you require our services!

Rhea 25/09/21

Exemplary Storage Experience

Student Storage Experts put me at ease every step of the way, from queries, collection, storage and delivery. As an architecture student I had a significant amount of course equipment and materials to store on top of typical belongings which worried me, however this was accommodated for.

Not only that they made it possible for delivery to arrive prior to my return arrival to halls. All of my items were delivered in full and returned to me in great condition, especially my course equipment.

I highly recommend their service and expertise.

Shaan Okhai 29/10/21

Student Storage Experts

Really helpful, boxes arrived on time and belongings were in great condition

Paul 29/10/21

Excellent Service

Excellent service. Brilliant people. Absolutely first-class communications and great value for money.